Handcrafted, Hand-poured Crafted Candles & Artisan Soaps 
Life is better in Harmony!
If you are ready to experience Harmony wafting through your home, welcoming in some much needed aromatherapy and creating a zen effect, I encourage you to experience my handcrafted, hand poured candles & artisan soaps. (I'm partial to the Harmony candle)
Help maintain a positive outlook during the COVID-19 pandemic, the use of citrus-scented candles, which are proven to "lift your spirits and boost your energy."
It is scientifically proven that burning a candle can have many health benefits. Scented candles that use quality essential oils can promote relaxation, reduce anxiety and stress and induce quality sleep. The flicker of the flame and the low lighting provided by candle light creates an ambiance of relaxation and calm
And thank you for allowing me to pour into your beautiful lives. Many blessings and always remember that Life Is Better In Harmony
I appreciate your support of my small business 💕
Our goal is to create a culture of harmony in self care using quality ingredients in our skin care collections

Here you will find our hand poured candles crafted with a lot of harmony and love! We all could use more peace in these days. Relax with a nice bath and a Harmony candle to set the tone you need
Browse our selection of custom face mask and face coverings available in various fabrics and configurations, made in the USA by a small business owner.. 

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